All organisations doing business in Thailand must complete their annual auditing and close their books for every financial year. FCA Thailand provides a comprehensive auditing service with a clear framework, that ensures your audit is legally compliant and filed on time, so there’s no disruption to your daily business.

We will advise you on the deadlines and requirements several months in advance so your team has time to prepare all of the necessary paperwork. If you’re a monthly accounting client of FCA Thailand, the process will be even easier.

Auditing in Thailand
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Audit Services in Thailand
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Our pricing is competitive, and is based on the amount of paperwork required each year. As such, it may fluctuate (up and down) from year to year based on the activities of your business in Thailand, and we will always provide an honest analysis of your requirements.

The end result we achieve with each audit is peace of mind. Our customers get their books balanced, a trial balance, alongside confirmation from the relevant departments in Thailand that your business is free to continue, ensuring no accounting-related problems with your visa and work-permit for the coming year.