Thai government revenue announcement

June 17, 2016

Thai government announces total revenue of THB2.69 trillion for first 8 months of fiscal year

As of May 3 2016, the Government Financial Management Information System had collected THB2.69 million in revenue from state agencies as well as contributions from state-owned enterprises for the first 8 months fiscal period ending in 2016.

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Why do I need an Accountant in Thailand?

June 7, 2016

Accounting in Thailand can be something of a murky subject with many people having opinions that are usually based around myths, rumours and standard bar talk. The rumours do little to improve the reputation of accounting companies in Thailand, the Revenue Department (RD) or indeed Thailand on the whole. One thing that is certainly a fact is that if you are a trading company you need to complete monthly submissions each month – even if they are NIL.

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Value Added Tax (VAT) in Thailand

June 4, 2016

Value Added Tax or VAT as it is more commonly referred to, is one of the indirect that are levied in Thailand. Companies that are registered for VAT will need to add VAT onto the cost of the goods or services that they sell as well as being able to claim back any VAT that has been charged to them. Many companies that operate in Thailand do not need to be registered for VAT but there are 3 scenarios when it becomes mandatory.

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