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Welcome to FCA Thailand, we have over 12 years of expertise performing accounting and auditing services in Thailand.
21st February 2018

+66 84 901 9452

10:00 – 16:30


10:00 – 18:00

Monday to Thursday

About our Accounting Services Team

FCA Thailand was incorporated in Thailand as a private limited company in 2004, but is a member of the Sutlet Group of companies which was established in 1998.

FCA Thailand was created to be the focused accounting and financial services member of the Sutlet Group, and is one of Thailand’s most professional accounting companies. The company founders recognised the need for an expatriate-run accounting company based in the heart of Bangkok to offer quality accounting services to the local and expatriate community in Thailand, providing monthly accounting, payroll and annual auditing as the primary services.

From its early beginnings, FCA Thailand has established itself as a leading player in the accounting market, with a reputation for being honest and developing a strong relationship with clients, suppliers and the Thai authorities.

About FCA Thailand's Accounting Services

One of the key benefits of working with FCA Thailand

You retain access to our senior management team throughout the entirety of your business relationship with us.

We pride ourselves on our professional level of customer service, for four reasons:


We take great care in our recruitment policies, ensuring we only hire the best accounting candidates with the right attitude, and a desire to work hard.


We train our accounting team effectively to be friendly, professional and knowledgeable, with all business consultants possessing strong English and Thai language skills, they are confident in handling all manner of customer needs.

customer service

Our accounting team operates within a strong customer service system, designed to maximise efficiency, reduce wasted resources, and ensure our clients are always aware of the progress.


At all times we are aware of our client’s accounting situation and can provide up-to-the-minute updates as required, and our senior management team is always available for a ‘catch up’ session to assist with any other questions or concerns you may have.

Our competitive advantage

There are many companies in Thailand who offer accounting and auditing services, so, given the choice, why should you choose FCA Thailand for assistance with your monthly accounting, payroll, auditing and other accounting services? We understand that our clients (and prospective clients) need us to be special. Here’s how we differ to every other accounting service provider in Thailand.

We develop relationships


Our goal is to work with our clients for the duration of their time in Thailand, which is hopefully many years of successful business.

Our team will take your accounting and auditing needs on board and treat them as though they were our own, we strive to ensure you always feel comfortable and confident in our relationship, and we remain open and honest about our work together.

Develop strong accounting relationships
Custom accounting solutions in Thailand

We build solutions


In the complicated environment of accounting in Thailand, simply offering a basic accounting service is not enough.

Regulations are changing constantly, and financial restrictions mean you’ve got a wealth of procedures to navigate to capitalize on an opportunity. FCA Thailand will help you craft intelligent solutions to these challenges, as our team ‘thinks outside the box’ to ensure our accounting solutions are both simple, and effective.

We never compromise our ethics or standards


Not under any circumstances.

Accounting in Thailand is indeed complicated, but with our knowledge, experience, professionalism and long-established relationships, there is never a need to take an unethical shortcut.

ethics and standards in accounting
accounting services with a high level of care

We don’t take your situation for granted


Your financial situation in Thailand is one of the most important parts of your life here.

The smallest mistake on your monthly accounts or in your annual audit can cause a host of problems, and it is imperative you let a professional handle these. FCA Thailand understands the importance of this, and our team treats every client, and every one of their forms with respect and care.

We explain fees carefully, honestly and comprehensively


There is nothing for us to gain by hiding our fees and those of the government.

At all times, we provide our clients with complete transparency on their fee structures, and are happy to answer any questions you may have in this regard. When you choose FCA Thailand for your accounting needs, you’ll never need to worry about hidden costs or extra fees.

clear fees for accounting services